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kSA driving license

kSA driving license

kSA driving license

As for the fees required to get a kSA driving license, the applicants will be charged 3000 SAR for Saudi residents and citizens.We have summarized all the necessary steps you will need to take when getting your driving license in KSA as well as the requirements and conditions that will allow you to complete the process kSA driving license


How To Get Your Driving License Online in KSA

In order to complete the process of issuing a driver’s license in Saudi Arabia, individuals must go through the following steps:

Apply for one of the available driving schools in KSA
Fill out the registration form with all of the required information
You will receive a confirming message as soon as they accept your application
You must pass the theory test and the practical driving test
Enter your Absher account
Click on my services
Choose Inquiries
Click on Muroor
Click on Inquire driver’s license information
Fill in the following information:
National ID or residency number
Birth Date
Click on view to track your driver’s license status

Requirements For kSA driving license
In order to get a driver’s license in KSA, applicants must ensure that the following conditions are met and have to also get the mentioned documents:

The applicant’s minimum age must be 18 years’ old
Provide a medical check-up report
Provide a copy of the Civil Affairs ID
Provide six photos, size (4X6) cm
Pay the required fees
Bring a file to save the documents

Driving License Fees in Saudi Arabia 2022


How Can I Get an International Driving Licence in Saudi Arabia?

Note that you cannot get an international driving licence from Saudi Arabia. However, you may still order one after arriving in Saudi. If you are applying for an IDP from our website, remember that you can get it anywhere and anytime since it will be mailed to the specific address you provided.

Make sure to visit the website’s main page to be directed to the application form. The steps in getting your IDP are simple and easy.
Driving Rules in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Every country has a set of road rules and regulations that foreign visitors must follow. Knowing these rules would help prevent accidents and violations as Saudi officials are stricter on tourists than locals. Don’t forge that wearing seat belts is mandatory.

Don’t Forget Your Valid Driving License
Before you even think about driving on Arabian roads, be sure to check if you packed your license. You will need to provide your license as you rent your Saudi automobile, and you’d need to present it to authorities in case they demand it at checkpoints. If you are coming from foreign countries and your national drivers license isn’t in English, make sure to get an international driver’s license for Saudi Arabia. Remember that this only acts as a translation and does not replace your actual driver’s license.

Lastly, your national driving license is only valid in the country for three months. If you want to stay longer, you will have to get a Saudi driving license. For Saudi driving license, you will also need additional documents such as iqama (residence permit) number.

Always Carry Your IDP With You
An International Driver’s Permit, informally known as an international driver’s license, is a translation of your foreign license. You need to take it with you when driving abroad since it’s usually one of the must-haves for car rentals. There are very few requirements for an international driving permit in Saudi Arabia, so make sure to get yours now.

Before applying to get your copy, you may want to know more information about an international driver’s permit for Saudi Arabia. We at the International Drivers Association issue IDPs that are translated into twelve languages and are accepted in over 150 countries. Do note that these permits must be issued from your home country; thus, you cannot get an international driving license from Saudi Arabia.

Drink Driving is Illegal
Alcohol is illegal in KSA, and entering the country drunk may result in your arrest. Don’t attempt to smuggle alcohol or drink-drive because of the strict rules implemented in the Kingdom. Punishments are harsh, and you can be fined, flogged, or imprisoned for simply carrying alcohol.


Foreign drivers must remember that getting caught drunk driving is the highest traffic violation. If you are caught doing so, your driving license may be suspended, and your trip would be cut short.

Requirements For kSA driving license

Before going to the License Office you need following things:

1. Original Iqamah.
2. Photocopy of Iqama.
3. Photocopy of Passport.
4. Driving License of your country
5. If expatriate, translation of foreign driving license in Arabic from an approved translation institute.
6. Passport size photographs
7. Medical report (Blood Group Test)
8. License Fee

Mobile Devices are Banned While Driving
Using your phone while driving poses a potential safety hazard since your attention from the road is divided. The same can be said for taking calls and using Bluetooth devices. Due to the high cases of accidents in Saudi, officials implemented road traffic rules regarding mobile devices. If you’re caught using your phone, you will be fined or even detained. So make sure to set it aside when driving to avoid any accidents or violations.

Never Exceed the Speed Limit
Over speeding is one of the top causes of accidents that occur in KSA each year. That’s why it is important to drive below the speed limit. Bad conditions such as sand storms may affect the highways’ visibility, so drive cautiously to avoid potential crashes.

Collisions with animals like camels are also common. Camels have big bodies and long legs, allowing their center of gravity to be higher. When vehicles crash onto their legs, their bodies land on the cars, crushing the passengers inside. When you see camels and other animals passing, slow down your speed and continue once they are finally off the road.

Saudi Arabia Has a Points System
In January 2020, a revelation proposing a points-based system would be implemented in Saudi Arabia within the next six months. Different points are allocated for particular traffic violations, and the number of points depends on their severity. The least is 2 points, and the maximum is 24 points. They cannot be omitted until a year after the offense occurred.

Some violations include drifting, running past the red light, and even driving under the influence. The list does not include failure to carry a driver’s license, but this should not stop you from bringing it at all times.

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